Iftar with Orphans

Located at Al Hidayah, on Saturday, July 19th 2014 activities iftar with orphans organized with great fanfare. Children who are invited by the family of the PT. Pisma Son Textile in these activities comes from two orphanage ie Orphanage "Darul Khudlonah" Wiradesa and Orphanage "Sabilillah" Pekalongan and children orphaned in the environment surrounding the company, from the village of Siwalan, Pait and Yosorejo District of Siwalan as 250 people.

Before fasting together, pilgrims filled the room were treated with spiritual spray delivered by Ustad Jundi, S.Pd.I. In his lecture he delivered good in the month of Ramadan is also accompanied by joking with the children orphans adds to the atmosphere of intimacy.

Meanwhile vice precident Director Pisma Group, Lucas Prawoto, in his speech expressed his gratitude for the presence of worshipers who meet the invitation. Agenda for the Ramadan activities, in addition to sharing with orphans, are also intended to reinvigorate the spiritual seed that is within the employee to broaden Islamic and spiritual nourishment in order to be a man who always fear Allah SWT.

Meanwhile praying fasting together chaired by KH. Ahmad Subkhan continued provision of souvenirs by the General Manager of PT. Pisma Putra Textile, H. Abdul Hamid Simatupang to children orphaned, mentors and community leaders around the company.

Here are a few moments of photos during the event.


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