Social care Landslide Banjarnegara 2014

On Friday afternoon, December 12, 2014 + 800-meter-high hill which is behind the residential area in Jemblung Hamlet, Village Sampang, District Karangkobar, Banjarnegara, Central Java sudden landslides little by little, and finally collapsed immediately and hoarding houses population that is widely available on the slopes below. Dozens of homes along with hundreds of thousands of cubic meters buried in landslides. According to information from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) to Sunday (14/12) at 16:00 pm, the joint team found 32 deaths from landslides. Meanwhile, 76 people who allegedly buried is still in search. Not only ask the victim, landslides also forced thousands of villagers in the area of landslides displaced. These refugees need the help of various parties for their survival.

According Sugiyanto, Department Head Industrial Relationship PT. Pisma Putra Textile who came on Sunday, December 21, 2014 with the group management of PT. Pisma Putra Textile, Cooperative Employees' Putra Mandiri ", PUK National Trade Union Unity and Prosperity Council of Mosques" Al Hidayah "providing humanitarian aid worth Rp. 25 million to residents displaced by landslides. The humanitarian aid, in addition to cash also be fast food, biscuits, blankets, clothing, syrup and goods other daily needs channeled directly to the evacuation point in MTs Muhammadiyah Karangkobar. This assistance is expected to provide great benefits for victims, and be able to lighten their load. PT. Pisma Putra Textile through Pisma Putra Cares program will continue to be committed to running the programs of social concern.

Here are a few moments of photos during the event.


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